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  1. MR.PETER ♥(FAMEYE🎙🌎💙🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉I always listen 🎶 to his Song's lyrics….Am DE-GRAFT 🎙🌎✌ CHECK HW3 TO THE WORLD 🌎 UPCOMING ARTIST from OBUASI

  2. The tiktok ankasa me ah dey derr since before 2019 n that time chale only few Tiktokers from ghana dey deer, fatimazawaa , Nancy Gary n de madhouse dems we dey in tiktok buh der JJC tiktokers come carry ham like dem keep for derr 🤦‍♂️

  3. This is not the first time she's making such comment. People didn't pay attention that's why she repeated it. She should rather be grateful they're giving her job to do. She gets paid so I don't know what she wants the musicians to do for them..

  4. I just can’t understand why people won defend wat the girl talk..she said no matter how long u have played ur music game u would still need them before ur song goes viral..or else u then ur family go listen…analyse this! Was buga brought to them? How many sark ein song he take go give them?

  5. all tiktokers in ghana, join all your views on tiktok, it will still not get to the views of even the list music with least views, bullshit, prako wey dey Brag, mopre dodo

  6. when did tiktok came, this girls with those 31k, 40k views likes talking nonfa too much, useless comment, forever of gyakie is having 30million plus views, which blogger or tiktoker has even all videos closer to her views and they bragging of making music hits, nonsense

  7. Lol Fameye He talk Since waa😂❤️✊🏿That Girl was just Talking,We were getting Hit songs long time before this TikTok app Came so That Girl for not talk that again korraa

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