Many service business owners have the potential quandary of whether to teach people how to do something on their own, or provide do-it-for-you services, or both. Recently exploring a potential joint venture with a colleague brought a big reminder of that.

No matter how simple it may be to learn to identify tips about your expertise and gather them so they become a product to sell and/or to use as a marketing tool, there are people who simple don’t want to do that for themselves. You may be one of them. That was a comment from the person the other day. “My people don’t have the time or inclination to do something with the products once they are created.” ¬†Really? Wow.

It’s not uncommon to hear some people say they would rather write all day long than to sell or market their products or services. Conversely, there are folks who feel limited by only writing and would much rather be directly interacting with people. Regardless of which side of the fence you are, yes, you can find people to help you fill in the part you’d rather not do.

However, there will always be a price to pay, and it goes beyond money. You miss the nuances by delegating any part of the process. When you want someone else to market and sell for you, you miss knowing how you can make your product better. An offhanded comment can give you an idea for a new and better product or a way to modify it to expand your audience.

You can get around concerns you have about selling your booklets or books or audio or home study course by strategically giving away samples. That strategy works ideally when you are approaching journalists who will often then want to interview you, providing ways to reach more people who will come to you for your products instead of you having to go after them. You can also strategically give samples to large-quantity prospects. Once they discover your product is a good match for their purposes, they will want to invest in a large order from you or may want to license specific rights to use your product or its contents.

By talking with the people you connect with in the process of giving them your product, you will know details that someone who represents you may or may not realize have any importance at all. The direct connection lets you engage in easier conversation to bounce ideas back and forth in the moment.

What you may have viewed as time-consuming, difficult, or distasteful in any way can become interesting, productive, lucrative, and fun. Those cartons of unsold books, booklets, audio programs, or any other printed versions of your products sitting in your office or garage become easy samples to transform into excellent connections with people who want what you have, people you enjoy doing business with, and people who encourage you to develop more products and services in your business.

And if you have no printed versions of your products, it is also an easy test to see what happens when you give away downloadable samples to the media and to large-quantity buyers. They, too, can open doors for you to broader audiences and more product development.

Yes, you do have to DO something with your products, and you may find you end up surprising yourself by enjoying it once you start or re-start the process. Test it out and see what you think.

Turn your tips into products and your tips products into moneymakers. ™

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