Former Pentagon official Lue Elizondo reacts to government officials debating how much to tell the public about UFOs on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews #Tucker

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28 Responses

  1. They come from other dimensions and 2020 was full disclosure. If it can be imagined then it becomes real. Thought by thought you create your own reality.

  2. You should do more research Tucker . Elizondo never ran any government program at least that was actually not his own Made up part-time one.

  3. Objects in the sky or objects on a screen? The supposed UFO’s have only been spotted on instrument screens. Further, human engineered aircraft are not aliens. As much as we may want aliens to be real they are not. smh

  4. Do you know why we are being able to realize UFOs and aliens exist? All this time it is not your governments that have withheld you from being aware of their existence, it is them that have held the world back from this. The reason why they have decided to reveal their presence now is because your planets declining state and they are allowing you all know and see them now uninhibited so that they can pass along what technology they can to help you develop your own version of their systems. They're revealing themselves so that you can reverse engineer what they are offering through revealing themselves to you to help save your people.

  5. I just honestly think the whole westerner society should just pack up their things and just go home back to whatever part of Europe they came from. This government been nothing but bad since they came and stole my land. That time will come when its going to be a bunch of angry Niijis pushing things out by force. We cant trust yall anymore 🤦🏾‍♂️ too much bad blood for us to still coexist together. GO BACK HOME!!

  6. I feel like the recent increase in UFO activity is directly linked to the evil. Violent chaotic behavior societies are exhibiting pushing us toward potential nuclear war. I think they want us to change as a whole for the better. Not for tyranny.

  7. We all on this one planet! What enemies are you dealing with? Because we the people in most all countries get a long fine without wanting to blow each other up. Stop with the enemy talk. Learn to talk to other leaders! No are no better!

  8. Doesnt Tucker Carlson know that clip he shows is a jet airliner spewing condensate and traveling diagonally away from person filming it?…

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