Reactions have trailed comments made by the Governor of Ebonyi State Dave Umahi who on Monday said that his state will vote for Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress and not the Labour Party whose presidential candidate Peter Obi is of South East Extraction.

Police authorities in Lagos State have invited Grammy Award Winning artiste Burna Boy for interrogation over the alleged shooting of fun-seekers by police escorts assigned to him.

Finally, an investigative report by BBC Africa which uncovered the identity of a Chinese man responsible for creating videos that denigrate African children in Malawi has sparked outrage on social media.

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49 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, majority of the Chinese population are of the prehistoric culture. Please give them another century for them to evolve into the modern world.

  2. Will umahi thumb print for the ebonyi people? Tinubu should be an elder statesman not a president. What else does he want, all the Lagos money belongs to him, he should continue governing lagos

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  4. Dearest 💖 please If you like vote for Tinubu a man older than your father to run modern Internet connected government, a great grandfather who claims to be 69 years old while his first daughter is 61 years.
    A man who because of his natural age is battling health issues just like every other of his age mates. I am not laughing at him because he's old, I wish to be old like him one day if bandits, kidnappers, gun men they created allowed me to visit Nigeria without fear.

    Tinubu could NOT hold ordinary flag of his APC but you want to vote for him to hold your future in his shaking hands as President?
    Do you have children? If yes please think about their future. If you don't have yet one day you will have many children and grandchildren, what kind of country will Tinubu build for them?
    The Nigeria you are enjoying today is what cabals, recycled, old politicians like Tinubu, Buhari, Atiku, Orji Uzor Kalu, Amaechi, Rochas etc gave you.

    My problem is not tribes. I love❤️ Yoruba, Hausa❤️, Igbo❤️ etc.

    The problem is not tribe but "individuals" capacity, competency, integrity and the ability of a person to perform beyond religion and tribalism.

    If Peter Obi was a Yoruba man, with same age, intelligence, integrity, love for the youths, qualifications and capacity. I would vote for Yoruba❤️ Man Peter Obi. Its not about tribe anymore it's about your life.
    Your dignity as a Nigerian. Your security, protection, your value as a human made by the Almighty.

    I visited Nigeria in 2019 with my family. I had to employ 3 police men for 31 days 24/7 to protect my children and French wife.
    Even though my children were having fun under armed escorts 24/7, I was not at peace because of the insecurity that's in Nigeria.

    We went back to Europe, few months later I was informed that one of my former police escort got killed!

    Many are killed in Nigeria like as if they are not humans. Tinubu did not care to discuss with his brother and friend Buhari. Atiku and Tinubu are London, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia based politicians.

    They do not have the interest of the poor masses in their hearts. Its only for power self ego they are running for President.

    Why can't Tinubu retire and allow a young, intelligent, healthy, smart youth run the country.

    If you had a company that's worth 100 million Naira would you allow Tinubu or Atiku to be the director for 6 months at his age and health?

    But you want him to direct Nigeria for 4 years, possibly?
    Be honest brother. Put tribal sentiments asside and think like a person who lives in 2022.

    France président was elected at 39 years old.
    With all the technology, science, social and intellectual advancements in France Europe the president is still working hard to make France better and you, what you want is a 98 years old man who will spend the next 4 years in medical tourism to UK?

    I am living in Europe working in France. Please I understand what you mean, all politicians in Nigeria are enjoying our money but some are better than other.

    Obi is an economist and a successful business man. He is not using notes to make his speech.

    He has been with us in Europe, USA, UK and understand how citizens are suppose to be treated.
    For example me If I tell you what I am enjoying in another country you will hate all Nigerian leaders past and present.
    I have see the difference between a real country and a zoo..

    In France where I live now here are a few benefits we enjoy without any prayer and fasting, without drinking olive oil or bang our heads on the ground.

    1) Free education.

    2) 24/7 Electricity uninterrupted in my 16 years of living in France.

    3) Best roads that looks like heaven.

    4) Hot water and cold water running in every home uninterrupted.

    5) Free medical treatment and free medical service.

    6) Paid 1.6 million Naira to be on holidays for 30 days.

    7) Salary of unqualified workers between 780,000,00 to 900,000,00 Naira equivalent minimum wage.

    8) My personally salary I get
    1.6 million Naira equivalent monthly as a common receptionist.

    9) government is paying my little children, my 10 years old , 12 years old and 14 years kids are paid by the state government each 70,000 Naira equivalent Each every month from birth.

    10) The government also pays 50% of my housing.

    11) Free transportation to everywhere in the state.

    12) 100% security.

    13) no thieves.
    14) no police bribe.
    15) no witchcraft.

    Please dear can you give me only two advantages YOU are getting from Nigerian government as a citizen?

    You see this is why you should vote for Obi to change Nigeria and make it like Europe. If you vote for Tinubu or Atiku.
    Your name will be SORRY for the next 8 years.

    Noting personal just a friendly warning.
    If you want I can give you my number anyway for more friendship.

  5. Shame on to Dav. Umahi. He must pop out his envious cocoon and dust off his jealous coat. You and I cannot see nor remember when anyone in the roomi raised the issue of Peter Gregory Obi and Labour Party which lead to Umahi to run tantrum against Nigerian chosen presidential candidate. Dav Umahi has lost the little dignity left on him for shouting president of South East extraction all months long, only for him to contest and lost and started fighting against the same president of South East extraction. It clearly means that Dav Umahi was selfish and greedy to have thought that him alone must be chosen as president from South East , if not, he will destroy the home opportunity of any remaining South East aspirant who has not failed like him.

    When we told him that APC is not for decent Nigerians, southern Nigeria and Liberal Christians, he disagreed with us.

    Today, what's happening?

  6. David umahi is a FOOL.
    The APC fooled him and we expect him to
    have come to his senses by now.
    He can only boast of his own vote and the whole Ebonyi state.
    He talks and believes like a SPOILT CHILD.

  7. Reuben and Rufai ur too much.. I love it when we call a spade a spade. Too much hard drug is overwhelming this burna boy….He is a biological product of his father fela…

  8. The Fulani attitude of way of life is the reason the Chinese can say something like that. Check the Bible for information as I can tell you that Chinese origin are from black world. Lack of knowledge…

  9. Maybe umahi's one vote plus that of the members of his family will give Tinubu victory over the millions of votes Peter Obi will get in ebonyi state. Let's watch and see how it goes.

  10. Umahi must learn his lessons after the recent result of primary where he was no where near getting the nomination. He needs to support his own brother Peter Obi. He switched to APC hoping to get acceptance of belonging but he was snubbed 😣

  11. #ChineseRacism
    Can we really blame them…when we have retarded "leaders" who have mortgaged the futures of this same children to the Chinese with hefty loans they line their pockets with?
    Chinese people must really believe we are retarded to keep bringing into power these sort of "leaders" all over Africa. And the fault is with us – the people who let it keep happening.

  12. Igbos don't follow one man or a person sheepishly. Umuahi is one vote and trust me, his state Ebonyi will have the highest turnout in their history for Peter Obi.

  13. All the sabos are clearly Northern boyboys. If you will vote for those who are killing us, doesn't entitle you to make the whole state follow you. Let the time come fast to remove you from that post

  14. Is David Umahi forcing the indigenous people of Ebonyi state to vote against their democratic candidate? This is tyranny for Umahi to force his wish on our people, this statement is against our right as citizens of Ebonyi state, i just hope the police should arrest and investigate this nonsense of this empty vessel called David Umahi

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