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37 Responses

  1. I think everyone here probably knows who Russel brand is. Much like Rogan he has some interesting opinions where they talk about things and ppl, what's in the news and stuff like that, very casual. Any way he's just an example of someone with a channel that has questions because he's not a scientist, a statistician or political elite with inside knowledge. He's just reading the headlines and giving his opinion. So even just by reading what's in the news, what is being reported and is still labelled as a right wing conspiracy theorist spreading misinformation, by scientists. A guy made a video supposedly debunking Brand, by using innuendo and claiming what he's reading from the guardian are brands own words, while he's reading directly from the news. Anyway what really gets me is how often the ppl like this guy preach about how science shouldn't be politicized while they are in the act of making it political. Ya know ppl are ppl and they make mistakes but there are only so many mistakes one can make before they aren't mistakes anymore, but a deliberate pattern of uncritical ideological nonsense.

  2. Digital Bill Rights

    My website, mybanned, does not appear in Google search results. I’m on my second strike on YouTube. Permanently banned from Twitter and Reddit.

  3. I remember when they made a movie about the guy Stephen Glass that did this. He fabricated news stories and sources only because it was so rare. Nowadays you hear about it at least once or twice a year!!

  4. Since these politicians want to redefine and change what rights are isn’t it time that we push for redefining what freedom of the press means? They’re full propagandists now and we need to look at how to address it.

  5. So they are saying they created a bunch of stories and they are Running Jan 6th. " a b.s. pre fabricated show" as real news again!!! that is funny.

  6. It is incredible the fraud that is perpetrated on the public these days. Even the facts from our history ,even within my own lifetime,are being rewritten now. I personally have had to correct my own family about what happened in my own past. Unbelievable!

  7. The LEFT behave like COMMUNISTS in every respect..
    The Democrats and radical left have MERGED into one INSANE group, which is why Dems OPENLY SUPPORT ANTIFA, even as ANTIFA was BURNING CITIES. How did CNN report ANTIFA RIOTS?? "FIERY, BUT PEACEFUL PROTESTS"

  8. They weren't wrong on Hiroshima, it saved millions of Japanese lives in addition to the hundreds of thousands of lives the allies would have suffered invading Japan.

  9. If the legacy media did audits more often, it would make national headlines if a reporter actually wrote their own articles and they were both truthful and unbiased.

  10. All this corrupt news and alphabet agencies along with government corruption was ramped up to the next level under Barack Hussain Obama and was the beginning of the end

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