Here you can buy the Pico Neo 3 Link at Bestware:
This week’s VR and AR Weekly News features PSVR 2 News, Pico Neo 3 Link, Police VR Training and the latest VR sales and releases.
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00:00 Intro

00:32 Police VR Training

03:08 Outlier Cancelled

04:42 Pico Neo 3 Link release
My review

07:59 PS VR 2 news

10:33 release

12:19 Sales

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  1. Got my Pico Neo 3 Link…and – there are no free stuff :(, ok… BUGS: there are some god rays (sometimes, from light objects, its lense problem 100%, hadnt these on Rift S before)… Build quality is really good! SteamVR works excellent (but there are some bug when moving head – its likes fisheye effect in Home screen)! Now its summer and where to buy additional face covers?

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