The trial involving actress Amber Heard and ex-husband Johnny Depp continues. Lawyers for Heard spent much of last week trying to portray Depp as a jealous and drunken abuser who can only blame himself for his nose-diving Hollywood career.

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12 Responses

  1. How can someone destroy a place and have enough energy with a messed up finger like Johnny Depp's was?! I don't believe Johnny Depp was capable of destroying his place, not with his finger the way it was then. It may explain why the officer's didn't notice anything.

  2. AMber's role of MERA is not a Major character like the Lead Character such as SPIDER-MAN even ANDREW GARFIELD and TOM HOLLAND was paid significantly low for their first TWO Spidey Films 😉😉😉

  3. well this witnesse couldn't have slap Amber's supposed professional witness in the face better than this. yesterday she claimed amber was cut and was damaged while the president of dc is saying clearly that nothing happened. besides amber said in her testimony that her role was cut while he says it hasn't! shame on amber for all her lies

  4. Depp looks so fed up. Just watched 23 minutes of Acquaman. What dross. Christopher Reeve's Superman, by comparison is a masterpiece. A silicon robot could have replaced Amber Heard's rendition of an arrogant one dimensional Valley Girl. No wonder she can't find other work.

  5. At any point in time, did AH exhibit any talent. No.
    Objection your honor, hearsay, time is relative. We'd like to recall our psycho expert witness as also a expert on time given his back to the future roles and mad scientist demeanor….

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