Amber Heard’s legal team continues to make their case with Heard taking the stand for a third day and faces cross-examination.

After a U.S. judge rules to continue Johnny Depp’s libel suit against ex-wife Amber Heard, Heard’s legal team is presenting their case with forensic psychologist Dr. Dawn Hughes as the first witness and Amber set to take the stand in her defense this week. Depp is suing Heard for $50 million over an opt-ed she wrote in The Washington Post describing herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse” and Johnny claims her article defamed him and cost him Pirates 6.

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WATCH LIVE: Day 16 – Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Trial: Amber Heard Continues to Testify | E! News


46 Responses

  1. In real life no one records arguments or fights . They have a lot recorded! It’s like this is almost like a tv shows like Maury jerry springer those shows were staged . I’m sure this trial is real. I’m just saying they are actors at the end of the day

  2. Lmao at how she keeps looking at the jury around 2:39:00 onwards and touching her eyes and wiping fake tears so obviously oh god I’m dying at her acting it’s so embarrassing and revolting

  3. I don't care about neither one of them at least I'm above that somebody that poops in the bed and then someone that would put up with it come on some people need to grow up really this has been going on too long after my account has been hacked twice do you think I give a crap about either one JD case whatever I'm way above any of this got it way together more than that

  4. Lmao but in the audio she didn’t say you punched me first and then I was hitting you she contradicts and has an explanation for all the audio recordings such a liarrrrrrrrrrr she deserves to rot in hellllll

  5. Amber—why did you poop in Johnny’s bed? Your a grown a** woman. Now you’ll always be remembered as Amber Turd —the grown a** woman who pooped in Johnny’s bed.

  6. Why haven’t they asked her how she removed all of the glass shards from her feet, it would take a very long time and there would be blood on the carpet.

  7. Johnny needs to have his life & career restored. Amber’s false allegations against him have negatively impacted his life for too long. Amber Turd needs to pay him 300 million and a million alpacas.

  8. There have been many occasions where she claims Johnny strangled her but she never mentions neck scars. If someone was to attempt to strangle you, and literally holding you there, you’d have marks. Literal marks. And she is white so it would be very visible. She’s always her mentions face bruises but never neck marks. Questionable.

  9. I support Amber Heard 100%! Johnny is wasting his time visiting sick children with his free time instead of being more like Amber and ignore these sick kids they can't buy movie tickets anyway its not like they are gonna get up and walk out of the hospital and buy tickets on their own. Amber has the smarts to strought her stuff and walk the Red Carpet and not waste a moment on these sick hospital ridden children 😢…..

  10. If someone that be*ts you wearing “big rings on every finger” then where’s the photos of severe bruising and shattered nose and the torn/cut skin all over your face. Completely lying!

  11. The fact that she remembers the minor details let's you know she's rehearsed this for years. Any victim speaks about the facts and hardly dwell on the minor details.

  12. She can’t honestly think pledging and donating mean the same thing. Pledge – an expression of intent. Donation – the act of providing or contributing. What a scammer.

  13. Before all this, I never heard of Amber Heard in the movies but I definitely heard of Johnny and his movies. I would say that he is more famous than herself and she thinks she's 'all that.'

  14. Has anyone noticed how different she talks and acts when Camille is cross examining her compared to when Elaine is asking the questions? It is like Camille gets out the true beast in her😅 and her attempts to look retraumatized when looking at the photos of her… it is truly embarassing to look at…

  15. One of Amber Heard's male friend who lived in Johnny's penthouse said in testimony via TV, said that Amber threw wild parties, filled with booze & drugs & had 3 somes with herself, Elon & another woman. These parties were held when Johnny was out of town on tour. When he came back, Amber would start arguments to make Johnny think he was going crazy & I'm sure it made Amber feel justified for her behaviors & she inflicted DV to control him. So she wanted to control Johnny be cause she needed his money to support her orgies & wild parties.

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