At a congressional hearing on unidentfied aerial phenomena, the Navy’s intelligence director tries to explain what the government is seeing with the new UAP videos released. Never miss a deal again! See CNET’s browser extension 👉
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  1. i swear the azteks have a carving with a man in what looks like a vehicle of some sort and i think its like this thing…..its like the round version of a monocycle.

  2. This video was 2weeks ago? Why does the camera look like it was from 2014. They gotta get better cameras in the courtroom

  3. In1963a small ufo landed in the field behind my tract home in California, the grey must have been in people's houses, I was10 years old and played the clarinet, I took my clarinet into the ship a began playing. The craft rose up in the air and began rocking back and forth then set down, IAM 69 years old and I think the ets are still monitor ing me.

  4. There’s a live stream happening 6-06 2022 by the keshe foundation space ship institute,of an eternal flight of a ufo where you sit in the craft and flooded with light to have the poles switch within you and you fly out as a orb(the body goes to the inside and the star in your head goes to the outside-3rd eye which is the covalent bond between the thalamus in your brain)but you’re still tethered to the craft $1000 dollars for 30 minutes in Linz Austria if you fly into a atmosphere of a distant planet you manifest yourself physically there by absorption of the strength level of amino acids present and you’ll see the inhabitants so watch your conduct and be humble obviously some may soil themselves which at that point you’ll be wound back to the craft this is Pandora’s box right here so watch it because all jobs and politicians are going to be obsolete and now you’ve got a new one understanding this technology and developing it.

  5. We are one grain of sand on every beach combined. There are billions upon billions of galaxies just in the observable universe which is a small dot compared to the rest of the universe we can’t see beyond. It would be highly irrational to think we are alone. We aren’t just cause you don’t know about them or can’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They could travel across multiple space time dimensions. But mark my words they most certainly exist. We cannot be the only ones. Earth is considered a ‘Goldilocks planet’ so life could emerge elsewhere like it did for us. Btw whether you believe in God or not doesn’t disprove aliens. I think it’s time we pressure the people that actually know what’s going on cause not every official does. Let’s get to the bottom of this if enough people keep asking questions we will find our answers. No need to fear they are already here and have been since probably the dawn of civilization. Technology has advanced beyond belief and it doesn’t seem human. Smart phones electric vehicles etc anecdotal evidence here but I’ve seen plenty of UFOs I live on a ranch and on the cattle mutilation line. Don’t forget about those. Mathematically speaking, aliens have to exist. We exist and so do others. Now we have to find them or expose them. Do not be afraid and don’t let the government brainwash you and tell you they aren’t here they are. Let’s do this lol

  6. UFO, UAP the same thing. Governments say they don't investigate UFOs. Consider this! To the powers that be there are no UFOs. They are right in what they claim, because the governments around the planet know what they are, know what alien is flying them, and have been in contact with. So they are from their perspective telling the truth. These are to the powers that want to keep us uninformed, identified objects. It's about time that the powers that control this information stop being cowards, stop being liars, because it's our planet too, and we out number the few at the top that treat everyone of us as dumb, and stupid. Total disclosure should be a government priority.

  7. Yeah what glows like a star and is not a star or meteor it's not a plane or a train or an automobile but it is there and we see them very regularly in the night around here.

  8. That's no more clearer than any shaky phone cam video that everyone else puts online….. I wanna see the Alien smiling at the pilot from his own cockpit giving him the thumbs up……

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