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What is the Trooping The Colour ceremony all about? And why are they doing it to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee? Well, in this 2nd installment of our Gentlemen’s Day Out videos, Tom Chamberlin, editor of The Rake magazine, walks Kirby through the history of the ceremony of Trooping the colour, as well as explaining exactly what happens and why.

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Gentlemen’s Day Out In London | Kirby Allison & Tom Chamberlin

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Gentlemen’s Day Out In London | Kirby Allison & Tom Chamberlin

What Is Trooping The Colour? The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Parade Explained
00:00 Introduction
00:56 The Guards Museum
03:48 The Uniforms
05:08 Why Red?
05:47 The Role of The Guards
06:43 The Coldstream Guards buckle
07:45 The tradition of beautiful ceremonial uniforms
10:55 The Duke Of Wellington
14:01 King Edward VIII
16:30 The Garrison Sergeant Major
17:49 The Guards Rehearsing
20:12 Horse Guards Parade
22:48 ‘Trooping The Colour?’ – Why?
25:48 When Someone Shot At The Queen..
26:30 What Happens?
27:57 The Parade Route
33:20 Tradition Unbroken For Hundreds of Years
34:56 Other Ceremonies?



29 Responses

  1. It's not quite true that MOD is "positioned on top of Henry VIII's old wine cellar. When the building was being proposed the wine cellar was in the way so it was removed and then repositioned in the basement of the then Whitehall Gardens building.

  2. Aren't the Coldstream Guard older than any other regiment in the British army as they were formed in 1650 whilst the Grenadiers were formed in 1656?

  3. julie Wallis – Get ready to pay new bill for your monarchy. 😂🤣😂🤣

    Absolute fool’: Prince Andrew embroiled in another debt battle, this time over £1.6m !
    Scale model of solar system installed in Belfast hills

    Jack Vettriano: My new female muses lifted me out of lockdown vodka and…

    The Duke of York has been branded an “absolute fool” after becoming embroiled in another £1.6 million debt battle.

  4. julie Wallis-

    your monarchy family , are pirates resist & terrorist killed 3 millions IRAQI people

    You pay tax & they do crimes sex trafficking !

  5. Shall we talk about the faux pas at 0:45 when he ignorantly referred to Trooping the Colour as Trooping of the Colour
    It is never Trooping of the colour.
    And again at 1:22
    Thumbs down 👎
    Could nobody take the time to tell this ignorant idiot what he was looking at?

  6. Interesting but Tom could learn to talk more fluently instead of um ar and hr. Also leave out his personal views of what he personally likes to increase more information.

  7. Great production! I have received my platinum jubilee medal and whilst not one of the most prestigious to the collection, a very special one all the same.

  8. Red uniforms as the original Coldstream Guards had been Oliver Cromwell's infantry regiment in the New Model Army, and they wore red uniforms. Interesting that the officers wear an orange over belt: again New Model Army.

  9. Frankly I was quite put out with the quality of the Parade this yr .
    I noticed 4 soldiers that were quite out of shape in the band .
    1 gentleman looked like his tunic was going to tear in the back .
    I noticed a column that looked like a snake and finally near the end of the parade I noticed a horse without a rider trying to to leave the field , unfortunately it was unable to do so ,so he fell in at the back .
    It has been a long time that I have seen such a bad performance from a military Parade .

  10. I was watching a video about the Crimean War a few days ago .
    It was the 1st war that photos were taken of .
    There was a pic of a Grenadier Guard in Balaclava russia taken in the 2nd yr of the war .
    He wore the Bearskin hat , but wore a black tunic , very simular to the Red Surge but in Black .
    A very scruffy gentleman , with a huge black beard and a large drooping mustache ,
    his uniform was very dirty ..
    He was a huge bulk of a man , with steely eyes that showed his mean streak and his posture was that of a brute also .( tough as nails ) and an absolute killer .He wore a battle medal over his Heart .
    The British Army is not made up of such men today .which denotes the decline of the British Military today
    And as You said these uniforms were not used as Dress uniforms for Parade, but were every day wear .

  11. Very informative ! I must say both suits look very smart, Kirby's Prince of Wales check and Tom's pinstripes.
    I thought Tom's Tie (RL crested ?) Was a particularly apt choice as it appears very close to the traditional blue, red, blue striped regimental tie as worn by the Brigade of Guards.

    I am, just curious, but with such an insight into all these regimental histories- Was Tom previously a Guards officer ? He certainly looks the part.

  12. Not too sure who this officer is the Grenadiers may be the senior regiment but the oldest is the Coldstream. And being a Welshman the junior is the Welsh Guards 1915.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  13. “penultimate?” Dude in the gray jacket, get a dictionary. You mean “ultimate” – unless you are trying to say to the guy that his work is ‘second best’ Jeepers.

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