Do you remember the villain in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie “Last Action Hero”? Do you remember his eyes? In almost every scene, he was wearing different and wild contact lenses. There are many examples in the entertainment industry of how the makeup and special effect departments are working together to create some amazing looks.

Some other examples of actors or entertainers wearing contact lenses to create wild eyes are Michael Jackson in his epic music video for “Thriller”. Haley Barry, who plays Storm in the X-Men movies, wears white contact lenses when her character controls the weather. Many actors in the Star Wars movies wore contacts including Darth Maul and the Emperor. The same can be said of many extras in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

In movies whenever someone is portrayed as badly beaten and their eyes are bloodshot or damaged, that look is created with contacts. It is a lot easier than editing the film to change the look of the actor’s eyes. Many actors portray characters that are blind. The cloudy look in their eyes is contact lenses.

Wild contact lenses are not limited to the entertainment industry anymore. Many companies have created hundreds of contact lenses, which they make available to the general public. These contacts are of the same quality as regular contact lenses. They can be made to correct your vision or they can be ordered without any extra power at all.

Remember, that all contact lenses can only be purchased with a doctor’s prescription. Once an optometrist has examined you, you can purchase these contact lenses either through the doctor’s office or you can shop for them yourself through catalogs or online. There are dozens of sites that offer discounted rates on hundreds of styles.

The choices are too many to mention them all. Some of the types of wild contact lenses you can buy are animal eyes like cats, reptiles, and wolves. Another category is based on horror or science fiction. You can have alien eyes or zombie or vampire eyes. Some are meant to look very grotesque like having the look of a gaping shark’s mouth with teeth in your eye or all black lenses that give the impression that you have no eyeball at all. There are many whimsical contact lenses, as well. For example, there are ladybugs, flowers, peace signs, hearts and even computer circuitry.

Wild contact lenses can be a great way to showcase your personality. Next time you are online, look up all of the different types of contact lenses and let yourself go wild!

Source by Mark Clifton

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